Nestar Clustor/One Server

Nestar Clustor/One was the first server for microcomputers. It could connect PETs, Atari, Radio Shack and Apple computers and share files. Great way to quickly copy files when the only other way was via very slow cassette tapes.  In the collection under Nestar, you will find photos of the very first Cluster, ads, interoffice memo and schematics.  Since Len Shusek was the co-founder of Nestar, it is fitting that it is being donated to the Computer History Museum where it will probably be stored in the Shusek Center.

Harry Saal would bring his Cluster One to our Pet Users Club meeting and we could upload a Pet Program which would take 5 minutes or more using the Pet cassette tape drive.  Once it was up on the server, it would feed the program down to everyone very fast.  We couldn't believe it was so fast.

On Feb. 9, 1979, Harry Saal sold to Fred Schwilk the first Cluster/One with the hopes Fred would write programs for it. Fred paid $3400. It came with Cluster/One central console, a double sided floppy drives, 32k memory.  Fred aready had several Commodore PETs which completed the system. 
With the deal came all the documentation including schematics, manuals, written test notes, interoffice memos and printout of the software.

To see it all, chick on The Collection in menu bar, scoll down to Nestar.  Its all there.