Xerox 1186 SmallTalk Computer

Under Collection, Xerox 1186 SmallTalk Computer shows a complete tear down and rebuild.  Given to the Computer History Museum which put in storage at the Shusek facility.

IBM had a very popular program loaning out PCs to employees. After three years, it was costing IBM $1,000,00/year to administor the program so IBM decided to let the employee buy their PC at $25.  By that time, the PC was being superceded by other computers, so also almost no one paid the $25 and instead returned them.  To say the least, IBM was overwhelmed, so I received an email stating that i could buy any of the listed PCs for $25.  I check off every model and sent it in.  A several weeks later I get a phone call asking "Do really want every model listed?".  I said yes.  He then said, "We have models that are not on the list.  Do you want them?". I said yes.  Two weeks later my order was ready for pickup. 

The manager can out of his office asking me what I wanted with all these computers.  I told him I want to start a museum.  He replied, "We have computers that are not on any list.  Did I want them?".  I replied, "Yes, of course".  So we go through all the computer room at Santa Teresa Labority picking up obsolite computers and one of them was this Xerox that IBM paid $8000 for and was no longer being used.  I backed up the '64 Chevy Pickup to the loading dock.  When we fisished loading, the truck was completed loaded up the sides and she was down on its springs.  From there I stored them in my barn where they are today.